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Thomas Hinds Accessories


At Thomas Hinds Tobacconist we stock a wide range of cigar related accessories such as lighters by brands like Xikar, Siglo, and Lotus, leather cigar cases in most price ranges, and cigar cutters from the very inexpensive to the best quality available. We also feature a large variety of cigar humidors with a range in size, finish, and price. Availability for these products changes throughout the year. Please call or email us with your requirements.

Another product that has been quite popular is the Lampe Berger air purification system. These ceramic jars are filled with a scented fuel. You light them and allow them to burn for two minutes. At this point the flame is blown out, and they will burn for twenty minutes catalytically releasing whatever scent you choose to fill them with into the air. At this point they can be snuffed. We offer a selection of the lamps themselves, along with a variety of the fuels. Special orders for particular lamps or scents can be accommodated easily.

Magazine Back Issues

We have a varied selection of back issues for Cigar Affianado magazine. Please contact us at if you are looking for pricing on a particular issue.

Over the last few years we have expanded our stock of shaving gear and supplies.

We have had a lot of requests for this sort of product and we have been able to source quality items at a good price. At the moment we offer a limited selection of straight razors made by Dovo, and safety razors made by Merkur, and Edwin Jagger along with blades, soaps, and accessories to go along with them. These products can be perfect gifts for that hard to buy for person on your list!

With the rise in popularity of beards, and mustaches, we now stock beard oils, and mustache waxes imported from the US company . These items are all made with high quality, natural ingredients. Information available for those interested.

The beard oils come in five varieties; Honor, which is very minty seeming to me, Devotion, which is scented with patchouli, Wisdom, which is a woodsy spruce and cedar like scent, Initiative, which has notes of lime and citrus with bergamot, and Temperance, which is an unscented product for those who like to use aftershave or other scents.


 Beard Oil ( Bottle ) - Wisdom    18200      $32.25  
 Beard Oil ( Bottle ) - Initiative    18201    $32.25
 Beard Oil ( Bottle ) - Temperance      18202    $32.25
 Beard Oil ( Flask ) - Wisdom    18203    $39.50
 Beard Oil ( Flask ) - Initiative    18204    $39.50
 Beard Oil ( Flask ) - Temperance    18205    $39.50
 Dry Beard Oil - Wisdom    18206    $29.95
 Dry Beard Oil - Initiative    18207    $29.95
 Dry Beard Oil - Original    18208    $29.95
 Everyday Care Kit - Wisdom    18209    $62.95
 Everyday Care Kit - Initiative    18210    $62.95
 Everyday Care Kit - Temperance    18211    $62.95
 Beard Oil Brush    18212    $24.95
 Mustache Wax - Primary    18213    $15.75
 Mustache Wax - Secondary    18214    $15.75


Last but not least; for those that truly appreciate a fine cup of coffee we have Torquino brand coffee from Cuba. While variable, this products are generally available in both ground 250g packages. Again, availability changes with the seasons and crop conditions.